Composed of Place by David Collins

ARTIST statement

Drawing is simply a line going for a walk  - Paul Klee

I have always loved this quote, first when I was studying Cy Twombly and later when I learned that he borrowed it form Paul Klee. The form that a line takes is always worth exploring. In a way my paintings follow the same path, from the first strokes till I final put it away and start another on a new sheet. Each is a simple act of taking a line for a walk.

I have a real passion for the expression of art. I feel a strong pull towards minimalism though I would not call myself a minimalist. The strength I see in Minimalism is the honesty of material and economy of line, color and brush. I explore the richness and possibilities of the simple mark, techniques, and composition. I tend toward a visceral surface, one where emergence and expression are a paired duo. In truth I see myself as an expressionist.

Rene Descartes states that. “All knowledge begins within individual sensations of the mind and self.” If the individual sensations of the mind and self form our perception of the world, then the art I create is the memory and the exploration of my thoughts. My constructed images have the feeling of memory. There is a sense of place and the impression of time. In short, a narrative imposes itself and a gestalt begins to emerge. I try not to force, instead I allow it to emerge, always with the thought that I’m simply taking my brush for a walk.