A Guide to Texas Discovery Gardens' Plant Sale

It’s time for our Fall Plant Sale at Texas Discovery Gardens. We’ve moved our sale up by more than a month to give gardeners more time to plant their fall selections. With our hot summers and mild winters, planting perennials, trees and shrubs in the fall gives plants more time to get established. They require less water when summer rolls around again.

Are you a Plant Sale first timer? If so, you'll want to know these few things before you get to the Plant Sale. 

  1. Come prepared. To help everything run smoothly, we post a list of available plants on our website a few weeks before the sale. This list is arranged the same way the plants are at the plant sale, first by group (grasses, perennials, etc.) and then alphabetically by scientific name. 
  2. Pick out a spot. At the sale we will have several numbered "Plant Parking Spaces". Choose an empty one and fill it with plants. 
  3. Seek out a ticket writer. Once you are done shopping, look for a ticket writer. they will add up how many plants you have. 
  4. Stop at the first desk. Here your total will be calculated. If you are a member, your discount will be subtracted from your subtotal. 
  5. Pay. We'll be taking credit cards, cash and checks at the Plant Sale. We'll also be selling memberships.  
  6. Get your plants in the ground! We'll follow with another blog post containing some great planting tips from our Director of Horticulture, Roger Sanderson. 

We hope to see you at the Plant Sale!

Haley Estrada