Love butterflies?

Attract them to your own backyard or schoolyard by planting a Certified Butterfly Habitat! Create a refuge for butterflies in all stages of their lifecycle โ€“ egg, caterpillar, chrysalis and adult. Not only will you be rewarded with beautiful butterflies, but your native garden can be drought tolerant and low maintenance, too!


Step one: Plant your garden! Check out our Butterfly Gardening Tips.

Step two: Purchase the Butterfly Habitat Certification and fill out the application. Once we receive your payment and your application is reviewed, weโ€™ll send you an aluminum sign to post in your garden! The $35 covers the cost shipping of the sign and helps fund our Gardens and environmental education programs!

Butterfly Habitat Certification
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Step three: Put up your sign and show neighbors and visitors how important butterflies and other pollinators are to you and the environment.