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If your question is not answered here, call our front desk at 214.428.7476 x 341.

+ Are dogs allowed on the grounds?

While we appreciate organic fertilizer, we don't want that kind of fertilizer in the Gardens! Please keep fido at home. Service animals are of course allowed.

+ Can I take photographs?

Please do! Professional photographers (i.e. if you're selling your photos or plan to): please see our Photography Policy.

+ What about food?

We have several picnic tables outside and we welcome you to bring a picnic or enjoy our lawns. Please note that food is not allowed inside the Butterfly House.

Texas Discovery Gardens is within walking distance from the historic Old Mill Inn in Fair Park

+ Do you offer group discounts?

Yes! Call in advance to reserve tickets. Find details here.

+ How many butterflies are in the Butterfly House Exhibit?

We maintain several hundred butterflies in the exhibit. Depending on shipments, this number varies.

+ What if I have a question about an insect or plants?

For insect questions, call our Entomologist, John Watts at 214.428.7476 x 220. You can also contact Roger Sanderson, Director of Horticulture, at 214.428.7476 x210. We also recommend calling the Dallas County Master Gardeners Hotline at 214.904.3053 regarding plants.

+ Where can I get butterflies to release at my special event?

We do not recommend butterfly releases into the outdoors unless you buy from a local company. The best place to start is with a google search.

+ Who safely remove wildlife from my property?

Call our friends at DFW Wildlife Rescue at 972.234.9453.

+ Who can provide safe and humane honeybee removal from my property?

Contact Ryan Giesecke at Honey Bee Relocation Services. 214.577.9562

+ Okay, these butterflies are fascinating! Can I join a butterfly society?

Dallas County Lepidopterist Society is free to join and meets here.

+ When is the State Fair of Texas?

It’s the last Friday in September through the third Sunday in October every year. Don’t forget that parking and State Fair admission applies if you want to visit Texas Discovery Gardens during the Fair.

+ How to I get to Texas Discovery Gardens?

By train or automobile! Details here.