Garden Adoptions

Leave a lasting impression on Texas Discovery Gardens grounds by donating to our Garden Beautification Fund! Our Horticulture staff will plant a 5’ x 5’ bed with seasonal color, hand-selecting the best flowers for the space with lighting/water requirements in mind. A personalized 5” x 7” garden sign will acknowledge your donation. Once the garden is planted, you and a guest will be invited to stop by and see your donation in bloom!

Garden Adoption (3 Months)
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Garden Adoption (1 Year)
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Garden Adoption Policy

This policy is designed to enable Texas Discovery Gardens visitors to support the Gardens through a tax deductible gift.

  1. Contributions may be acknowledged by a seasonal sign, if desired. The sign is symbolic of the donation and does not entitle the donor to ownership of the particular donated element.
  2. Donation applications are due by April 10 for spring installation, June 10 for summer, September 10 for fall and November 10 for winter. Due to weather’s unpredictability, we can’t guarantee a specific installation date.
  3. A donation period will last at least two months. Texas Discovery Gardens staff will maintain the garden and replace or repair plants and signs as needed during the season.
  4. Available garden locations are pre-determined by Texas Discovery Gardens staff. Specific locations may be requested, but must be approved.