Commemorative Trees and Benches


Donations may be made for new or existing trees in our gardens, depending upon planting space available. A donor recognition plaque with educational information on the species will be installed at the base of the tree.


Improve visitors’ experiences by helping us to increase the number of benches and to replace broken teak benches throughout our gardens. A plaque will be placed at the top of the bench. These benches last for years and age beautifully.


Call our Development Department at 214.428.7476 x 231.

Commemorative Bench
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Commemorative Tree
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Commemorative Tree and Bench Donation Policy

This policy is designed to enable Texas Discovery Gardens visitors to support the Gardens through a tax deductible gift.

  1. Contributions may be acknowledged by a plaque, if desired. The plaque is symbolic of the donation and does not entitle the donor to ownership of the particular donated element.

  2. Texas Discovery Gardens cannot guarantee a specific installation date.

  3. Complete funding for the donation must be processed before the commencement of work.

  4. A donation period will last 10 years. Texas Discovery Gardens will replace or repair damaged benches, trees and plaques at our discretion as needed within 10 years following installation.

  5. After 10 years, the donated element will be available for renewal for the cost of a new donation with the first right of refusal given to the original donor. If the original donor opts not to renew, the donated element and plaque may be removed or rededicated at any time.

  6. Texas Discovery Gardens retains the right to relocate a dedicated element and plaque at any time. If an element needs to be relocated, attempts will be made to contact the donor to discuss alternative locations; Texas Discovery Gardens will make the final determination.

  7. Available benches, tree species and locations are pre-determined by Texas Discovery Gardens staff. Additional locations or species may be requested, but must be approved.

  8. A maximum of 2 lines of text and 30 characters per line is permitted on the bench-mounted plaque and 3 lines of text and 30 characters per line for ground-mounted tree/bench plaques. Text is subject to the approval of Texas Discovery Gardens staff. Educational tree information will be shared with the donor prior to the plaque creation.

  9. The recognition plaque is not intended to serve as a memorial marker; birth and/or death dates are not permitted. Messages should be simple statements recalling the event or person(s) recognized.