Coming Soon to Texas Discovery Gardens


Mary German

"My current investigation in clay illustrates the harmonious transformation of
life and death as observed in the natural world. I collect natural mementos,
abandoned cocoons and seeds that exemplify the fluidity of growth and
decay. My curiosity in the collected specimen’s form, surface and life cycle
generate a desire to preserve that natural language and fleeting energy in
soda fired porcelain forms." 

— Mary German

Sunny Jacquet

"My artworks combine Trompe l’oeil and Surreal settings of still life. The still life works are a delicate mix of contemporary and traditional techniques that deal with tension between the real and unreal …"

Selected as one of the "New Dallas Nine" 2009 awards at the D-Art slam show sponsored by D-Magazine, Sunny brings her art to the Discovery Gallery mid-2018.


The Nomadic Fungi Institute
Director:  Brad Ford Smith

The Nomadic Fungi Institute is dedicated to the research and documentation of the mycological mutation known as Nomadic Fungi. It is the mission of NFI to make our vast scientific archives available for viewing so the public can understand the danger posed by the proliferation of these parasitic fungi.

Carrie Garrot

Fragility, impermanence, and preciousness are aspects I wish to capture in my artwork. I design with elements found in nature, predominantly from botanicals.  I create in a variety of mediums, including mixed media, pastels, paints, and precious metals. Whether my pieces are made with actual botanicals or if they are stylized representations, they are imbued with an ephemeral, vulnerable quality. The fragility of my work is a metaphor for the delicate and fleeting nature of life, a reminder of life’s brevity and preciousness.