The Discovery Gallery

We are proud to display some of the best art in Dallas inside the Discovery Gallery. Exhibits rotate quarterly and art works can be purchased in our gift shop. Come check out our current artist! There is so much to see at Texas Discovery Gardens.

The Discovery Gallery

Our art exhibitions bring to light environmental topics including organics, recycling, and sustainability. Artists and exhibitions are hand-picked to further the Gardens’ mission and reflect on our connection to nature in a different light.

The Discovery Gallery is open to the public, and school groups make a special trip through the space during their field trips. Often, kids who show less interest in the science classes or butterfly house light up when they walk through the gallery and ask question after question. It’s another way to reach out to young and old alike.

Most of our exhibits include art that is for sale.

CURRENT ART Landscapes: Man-Created & Self-Sewn by Elizabeth Mellott

Landscape Poster

Artist Notes on the Show December 3rd – February 24th

Landscapes: man-created & self-sewn examines two different landscapes in Texas, man-created sites (in black and white silver gelatin prints) and self-sewn plants (in cyanotype photograms). The body of work compares the two different landscapes and how they are commonly perceived.

Man-created Landscapes examines land sites that have been created by man due to man’s footprint on the environment. Without text, the landscapes might be viewed as beautiful, peaceful, and even inviting. However, each site is a document of man’s footprint, such as waste management, water treatment, water control, and mining the earth. These landsites are deemed necessary to adjust to humans’ lifestyle, even though they are a reflection of how the land is contaminated and/or altered by man. In comparison self-sewn plants are displayed as subjects of study, stripped of color and recorded in cyanotypes blue prints. Each plant documented is a naturally self-sewn plant collected in Texas. The collection is composed of natives and transplants, all of which can grow naturally on its own in the Texas environment, without additional aid of water, soil treatment, or fertilizers. Many contain beneficial or medicinal properties. However, many of these plants are deemed weeds and often fought against with poison. This collection of work looks at the comparison of man-created landscapes and natural self-sewn plants, asking if it is time to rethink how certain plants and landsites are viewed.

As man continues to alter the natural order of the environment, we must work diligently to understand the synergy of our ecosystem and create a healthy landscape for nature to flourish. I aim for this project to bring awareness and appreciation of the natural state of the environment.

UPCOMING ART Pollinator/Not Pollinator (but mostly bees) by Dan Collins

Artist Statement

For several years I have been drawing and painting birds, animals, sea creatures, but mostly insects. I love studying their bodies, using them as vehicles for artistic explorations into form, composition, line, color, transparency—the usual stuff that excites the hand and eye, but also as an environmental exploration. I read about my subjects, look at hundreds of pictures, figure out how they move, how their bodies articulate. I don’t do this to be representational as much as to respect the form and substance of the animal. I don’t want to break anyone, just to bend them gently to my message. My current work deals with themes of confinement and limits, compositionally and conceptually. What does it do to a composition when your subject occupies the entire frame and wants more, but you refuse it? What kind of emotional response or empathy does its twisted body elicit. What broader themes can these bodies convey? Still, there is pure joy for me in dragging a loaded brush across a pristine white sheet of hot press.

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Murals - EarthKeepers Classroom

Laney Green, former Greenhouse intern and entrant in our 2017 Mural Contest, installed a mural in our EarthKeepers Classroom in late August 2017. The mural covers 4 of the Texas eco-regions. Her design can be seen by all the school groups, scouts and summer campers that attend educational programs at Texas Discovery Gardens.

Outdoor Art

Areli Duran, an entrant in our 2017 Mural Contest, installed two murals in early August 2017. The murals cover the outdoor restrooms by the Greenhouse. The designs are visible from our new Hummingbird Garden.

Sculptures - Metal Butterflies by Byron Zarrabi

These unique welded butterfly sculptures can be found all around our front entrance.

Flap Your Wings by Pascale Pryor

This sculpture can be found between the Master Gardeners' Garden and the Shakespeare Garden. The perfect photo op!

The Gossip by Bjorn Wiinblad

Donated by Mr. and Mrs. Trammell S. Crow

Wiinblad (1918-2006) was a Danish painter, designer, and artist in ceramics, silver, bronze, textiles, and graphics. This sculpture can be found whispering to the trees in the Herkimer Overlook.

City of Dallas Public Art Program


“Imago,” a series of elegant hand-blown glass and steel hanging sculptures depicting the natural world, was installed September 2011 in our two-story lobby. Vancouver artists Michael Vandermeer and Cheryl Hamilton, with i.e. creative, had been fabricating pieces for the sculpture for a whole year.

Enter the vestibule of the Texas Discovery Gardens and look up to see the Flower Blossoms, the first of seven sculptures designed by ie creative depicting themes from the world of the insect biosphere that make up our newest public art installation, Imago.

Seven floating sculptures are made of hand blown glass flowers attached to polished stainless steel stems wrapped with wisps of mirror polished grass.

About ie creative:

The artist team, ie creative, works in a studio on Vancouver’s Granville Island, home to a large community of artists as well as the Emily Carr University of Art and Design. Cheryl Hamilton is a conceptual artist with training in the technique of glass blowing from Alberta’s Red Deer College and Seattle’s Pilchuck Glass School. Her skills in glass forming have created magnificent and elegant floral forms in this commission.

Michael Vandermeer is a sculptor whose current artistic practice is informed by his training in Nuclear Physics and he continues to combine his remarkable aptitude for engineering, metallurgy, electronics and chemistry with his art.

About City of Dallas Public Art Program

The City of Dallas Public Art Program was established by ordinance in 1988. The ordinance provides that all appropriations for the City capital improvement projects include an amount ranging from .75% to 1.5% of the total project appropriation to be used for the design services of artists and the commissioning of artwork. Since its inception, the Public Art Program has been administered by the City's Office of Cultural Affairs and more than 80 public art projects have been commissioned and installed in Dallas For more information about the City of Dallas Public Art Program, consult the Office of Cultural Affairs.

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