PLANT SALE SAFARI: September 14, 3-4 PM
MEMBERS' SALE: September 14, 4-7 PM
PUBLIC SALE: September 15, 10 AM-2 PM

Find more than 600 varieties of rare native and adapted pollinator-friendly plants. Many can’t be found in local nurseries! Our Members’ Plant Sale allows you to shop before the Saturday rush! Members also receive 10% off plants.

Come to our Plant Sale Safari, a pre-sale tour by Director of Horticulture Roger Sanderson. Learn how to incorporate native and adapted plants into your landscape. Throughout this tour you'll learn about the best plants for your yard and when the Plant Sale gates open you'll know exactly what to look for. 

Bring your questions and a notepad!


Find Gregg's Mistflower during the Texas Discovery Gardens Plant Sale

Gregg's Blue Mistflower

This Texas native is a pollinator magnet! It's a perfect "beginner" plant, and a favorite of seasoned butterfly gardeners because of it's low water needs.  

Find Milkweed during the Texas Discovery Gardens Plant Sale


This plant is essential to the Monarch butterfly life cycle. It's the only plant the caterpillars will eat. You can help support the Monarch migration by planting native Milkweed. 

Find Mexican Bush Sage during the Texas Discovery Gardens Plant Sale

Mexican bush sage

This strikingly beautiful, low maintenance plant is perfect for Texas summers! Pollinators flock to this purple plant. Plus, who doesn't love fuzzy flowers?


From Roger Sanderson, Director of Horticulture

We have several new introductions of note!

Three fascinating shrubs native to our western states including Silver Buffaloberry, a drought tolerant plant known for its attractive foliage and red berries, Western Serviceberry, widely planted for its showy white flowers, edible fruit, fall color, and a host plant for several butterflies, and Desert Sweet Fernbush, a striking evergreen drought resistant shrub with white flower spikes   and cool, fragrant fern-like leaves.

Some native Texas shrubs like the pink-flowering Wooly Bee Brush, Netleaf Forestiera, Gregg’s Saddlebrush (Mortonia), an outstanding pollinator plant, and the interesting South Texas specialty, Yellow Necklace Pod.

Most of our almost 600 varieties of plants are perennials.  Some interesting native Texans include Nodding Onion, five different Scullcaps, Blue Verbena, Bluestar, Texas Bluebells, both Goldeneyes, six Rosinweeds (Silphium), several Penstemons, two Fleabanes, four Bee Balms (Monarda), Showy Menodora, and new this year, Heartleaf 4-O’clocks and False Boneset.  Some interesting non-natives are Willow-leaf Jasmine (Cestrum), Chinese Foxglove, Variegated Society Garlic, Turtlehead (Chelone), Purple Emperor Sedum, Dwarf Russian Sage, and Transylvanian Salvia!

A very interesting groundcover is the silvery Snowflake Sage and we are introducing a new passion vine, Whiteleaf Passionvine!

Whatever your plant interests, you are bound to find something fascinating and exciting at Texas Discovery Gardens’ Annual Fall Pollinator Plant Sale!