Texas Discovery Gardens Greenhouse Dedicated to Roseann Ferguson

Honoring Roseann Ferguson

Former Garland public school teacher, Roseann has devoted many years volunteering at Texas Discovery Gardens and serves as our unofficial “Greenhouse Manager”.

As a Master Gardener since 2009, Roseann has spent more than 22,000 hours in our greenhouse and representing us in the community! Through these years we’ve found her to be incredibly dedicated, knowledgeable and creative. Though we can never place a value on her contribution to us, there are some nationally-accepted analytics that help place a value on volunteer hours. When applied in this case, she has donated more than half-a-million dollars of value to us over 14 years! It’s like we won the lottery!

On our very first FLORA FEST, we surpassed our fundraising goal of $50,000! When the project is complete, the result will be a completely-renovated Texas Discovery Gardens Green House , dedicated to the volunteer every nonprofit organization wishes it had, and the woman we refer to around here as our very own Mother Nature, Roseann Ferguson!

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Volunteers and staff propagate 400 to 600 different species of plants each year here at TDG. About 2/3 of those species provide nectar and foliage to insects in our local ecosystem.

Selling these propagated plants bring invaluable funds to TDG and allow us to further serve our community. In 2021 alone, the greenhouse team brought in $128,487.26! During the pandemic, the greenhouse team was able to keep us in business through these sales and have continued to grow and provide for us.

Upcoming plant sales can be found, here.