Come Visit Our “Butterflies in the Garden” in 2023

Are you looking for unforgettable activities to do in Dallas Fair Park? Do you want to learn more about butterfly species from different parts of the world? Take in our gorgeous scenery as dozens of tropical butterflies fly freely throughout our glass conservatory at Texas Discovery Gardens. Watch a butterfly emerge from the chrysalis and marvel at our collection of insects at the butterfly botanical gardens.

Emerging Spring 2023

Our grounds feature the two-story Rosine Smith Sammons insectarium and butterfly house. The tropical landscape takes you to the native habitats of the tropical butterflies. They will be dancing around you as you stroll through and take in the magical sights.

The Butterfly House in Dallas, TX, opens from Wednesday to Sunday, 10 am-5 pm. It is a controlled environment kept at specific temperatures throughout the year. Hundreds of butterflies live in this fascinating and peaceful garden. Make sure to visit our emergence chamber to discover what came out on the same day and see chrysalides.

The Butterfly Emergence Chamber

The butterfly emergence chamber is in the lower section of the botanical butterfly house. A glass enclosure allows you to observe moth cocoons and butterfly chrysalides closely. This place is as cool as it sounds. You are also likely to see some emerge.

One of our favorite tropical butterflies known as the Paper Kite Butterfly, can be found in the Butterfly Emergence Chamber. You’ll spot their chrysalis by their beautiful golden tone. This white and black butterfly floats much like a paper kite, proving exactly how it got its name.

Tropical Plants on Display

We have massive tropical plants lining the walkways of the butterfly house. It is a beautiful place to experience the diversity of native plant life in tropical ecosystems. From nectar plants to host plants, you’ll find a gorgeous array of flowers that feed butterflies and leafs that feed the caterpillars.

Discover the Honeybee Tree

Peer into the world of bees. Discover the honeybee tree and the maintenance work that goes into each hive. You’ll get to view the queen surrounded by her court. Our Honeybee Tree lets you learn how all the bees work together, to maintain the hive and what jobs the bees all have; the Queen, the drones and the workers.

Dozens of Butterfly Species

Beautiful, exotic butterflies of every size and hue will be flying at the butterfly botanical garden. You get the chance to walk among hundreds of fluttering butterflies from different parts of the world, watch them land on lush foliage and tropical flowers – maybe even your shoulders – and learn about the extraordinary life cycle of a butterfly.

We have dozens of residents at the butterfly botanical garden. You can view our Greenhouse, Gardens, and Butterfly House at Texas Discovery Gardens. We will also teach you how you can build your own butterfly garden. Here’s an overview of some of the tropical butterflies in our facility:

  • Blue-banded Swallowtail (Papilio nireus) with African origins
  • Grecian Shoemaker (Catonephele numilia) from Central and South America
  • Blue Glassy Tiger (Ideopsis Vulgaris) from Asia
  • Black and Gold Birdwing (Troides Aeacus) from the Philippines
  • Chocolate Pansy or Chocolate Soldier (Junonia iphita) from Asia
  • Leopard Lacewing (Cethosia cyane) from Asia
  • Piano Key Postman (Heliconius Melpomene) from South America
  • Ruby-spotted Swallowtail (Papilio anchisiades) with Central and South American origins
  • King Shoemaker (Archaeoprepona demophon) from Central America
  • Variable Cracker (Hamadryas feronia) from Central and South America

Of all butterflies in the butterfly botanical gardens, the Blue Morpho has the most striking appearance and is a perennial favorite among guests.

Experience Garden Butterflies like Never Before in Dallas

Engage in experiential learning at the Butterfly House. We offer essential tips for kids on organic gardening, water sustainability, and hands-on learning. You can also book with us for a special event at the botanical butterfly gardens, including Fair Park’s indoor and outdoor spaces. We host weddings, corporate and private events (especially during the week), happy hours (especially during the week) and meetings, high school proms, anniversary parties, Annual Fundraisers, and 50th and 60th birthdays).

We offer yearly memberships and tickets on our website and onsite. Member benefits include daily admission, tickets to the State Fair of Texas, and more! Checkout member benefits, packages, and pricing here

Contact us for more information and book a fantastic trip to Texas Discovery Gardens.

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