Boy and Girl Scout Programs

Scouts explore the various sections of our 7.5-acre organic gardens and butterfly habitat.

Planned activities during the tour will not only increase scouts' garden and outdoor knowledge but will help scouts fulfill badge requirements.


Girl Scouts

Green Petal Power* – Using resources wisely comes to life as Daisies complete all Green Petal requirements and learn what they can do with leftover fruits and veggies.

As the girls explore our gardens, they will collect the requirements for their Compost Bucket!

Rose Petal* – Daisies earn their Rose Petal by planting a seed and exploring the gardens. Which animal reuses leaves for its home? Come find out!

Daisy Flower Garden – Daisies plant their own mini-garden and explore six special gardens, where they find out ways to make the world a better place. This program “plants the seed” for the Golden Honey Bee Award.

All About Animals – Meet three of the display animals at Texas Discovery Gardens and see how the staff takes care of them! This is an excellent Session 5 for troops on the 3 Cheers Journey!


Between Earth and Sky – Learn about veggies, go on a Color Hunt in the gardens, and plant a seed in this program! This program also provides ideas for the Clover Award.

Household Elf* – Learn what it means to be green and earn four of the five Household Elf badge requirements.

Bugs* – Get up close to four of our amazing arthropods at Texas Discovery Gardens! Then, discover more insects outdoors, including butterflies! Fulfills all badge requirements.

All About Energy – Each Junior creates compost in a bucket and measures their carbon footprint. This program also helps with the Energize and Investigate Awards!


Fantastic Flowers* – Juniors plant four different flowers as seeds in a take-home container, make a flower craft, and discover the secrets flowers have inside! Fulfills four of the five flower requirements.


Gardener* – Explore 7.5 acres of gardens, find plants that are perfect for Texas, and create experiments on the different needs of a plant! Three of the five requirements will be completed.

Animal Habitats* – Juniors learn all about different animal habitats while finishing three of the five badge requirements.

Tree-Mendous Trees* – Accomplish three of the five requirements for the Tree Badge while meeting the most interesting tree residents at Texas Discovery Gardens!


All Programs – All participants receive a Texas Discovery Gardens patch.

Programs With an Asterisk – Fulfill some or all badge requirements.

Boy Scouts

We have a number of “Achievements” and “Arrow-point” badge programs for younger Scouts. We also work with Scout Leaders to put together Webelos and Eagle Scout projects and have a number of community service opportunities for older Scouts.

Achievement 6: Start a Collection

Tour Texas Discovery Gardens and learn how we differentiate leaf types. Make a leaf collection to take home.

Elective 13: Birds

Learn about birds, their behavior, and their nests while exploring Texas Discovery Gardens.

Elective 15: Grow Something

Tour Texas Discovery Gardens and our greenhouses. Learn about propagation and start to grow a plant indoors.

Achievement 5: Sharing Your World With Wildlife

Discover urban animals and their habitats at Texas Discovery Gardens. Talk to a staff member about conservation and make a poster about your favorite creature.

Elective 12: Nature Craft

The group chooses one of the following:

  1. Make shadow prints of three kinds of leaves.
  2. Collect, press, and label 10 kinds of leaves.
  3. Collect and label eight kinds of plant seeds.

Forester Badge

Learn about local trees and forest plants, the wildlife that interacts with these plants, how these plants gather nutrients and energy, wildfires, tree rings, and urban forestry.

Naturalist Badge

Spend some time with wildlife in an urban habitat and learn about local ecology, including bird flyways, poisonous plants and reptiles, wetlands, and the importance of environmental protection and conservation.


Scout Pricing and Booking

Program Length: Each program will last approximately one hour.

Option 1: Program and Admission

  • $10 per Scout; 1 free adult per 10 Scouts
  • $12 per additional adult
  • 5-Scout minimum and 30-Scout maximum per hour-long program; 
  • $100 minimum overall program cost per hour-long program

Option 2: Admission Only* (Self-Guided Group Admission, No Guided Program, No Free Adults)

  • $5 per Scout, $8 per senior citizen aged 60 years old and above, $10 per adult
  • 10-Person Minimum

*If you are interested in the group admission option only (no programming), please fill out our reservation request on the Group Options Page.