For general questions, see our frequently asked questions, call our front desk at (214) 428-7476 x 341 or send an email to

If you need to speak with a staff member, please see our directory below. Please note that staff members may not be on a Mon-Fri schedule; phone calls and emails will be returned as soon as possible.

Are you looking for a donation for a fundraiser? We are happy to donate to nonprofits and schools. Email your organization’s details, including mailing address, to Thanks!


Dick Davis
Executive Director

214 428 7476 x 250

Sarah Gardner
Communications Director

214 428 7476 x 230

Haley Estrada
Marketing Manager

214 428 7476 x 231

Tammy Smith, Sugar City sweets&celebrations
Rental Coordinator

214 428 7476 x 290

Roger Sanderson
Director of Horticulture

214 428 7476 x 210

John Watts

214 428 7476 x 220

Fran Thompson
Guest Relations Director

214 428 7476 x 240

Erin Shields
Education Director

214 428 7476 x 270

Kiaria Sewell
Education Administrator

214 428 7476 x 343

Mariel Pardo                                                                       Guest Relations and Membership Services

214 428 7476 x 341 

Barbara Martin
Facilities Manager

214 428 7476 x 241

Kerry Ragsdill
Gift Shop Coordinator

214 428 7476 x 344


The board of Texas Discovery Gardens is a volunteer governing and policy-making body, representing a cross-section of the Greater Metroplex population. The board includes professional people and community volunteers, all of whom have genuine and sincere interest in the mission and activities of Texas Discovery Gardens.

  • Michael Bosco
    Board Chair
    Safe Haven Pest Control
  • Barbara Hunt Crow
    Community Volunteer
  • Michelle Robberson
    Cooper & Scully, P.C.
  • John Fox Holt III
  • Gary Barton
    Community Volunteer
  • Andrea Pender
    TLC Engineering for Architecture
  • Ann Dyer
    Community Volunteer
  • Dr. Baranda J. Fermin
    Faith in Texas
  • Kathryn B. Gameros
    Atwood Gameros, LLP
  • Dawn Mann
    Alpha Business Images, LLC
  • Chris Psencik
    McFarlin Stanford
  • Rick Slaven
    Silverado Interests
  • John C. Wilt
    Community Volunteer

Mailing Address

PO BOX 152537               Dallas, TX 75315

Physical Address

3601 Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard                 –Gate 6 at Fair Park–
Dallas, TX, 75210