Garden Trains


Our Garden Trains are near and dear to our hearts!

With close to 1000 feet of track, you can usually find 5 trains running at one time! There are various villages and small cities sprinkled along the trains route, along with models of notable Texas sites such as the Hemisphere Tower in San Antonio, the Sam Houston Monument, the Texas Livestock Building in Fort Worth and of course the Alamo! These small models are made with various natural materials including bark and twigs. Find more exhibits to visit at Texas Discovery Gardens!

Best of all, our very own “Small Tex” watches over the area and is always ready for a photo with you!

Trains are run Saturday-Sunday 10:30am-5pm by our dedicated train volunteers. They also run at special TDG events, if you would like to know if the trains are running before you come visit, call our front desk at (214) 428-7476 x 341.

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In the News

Check out the May - June 2022 issue of Cowcatcher Magazine featuring TDG Board member Ron Natinsky and our garden trains! Click below to read more!

In Action

These are G- gauge garden trains and are built to last outdoors year-round! “G-Gauge” is the scale of track that they run on, that’s easy to remember for us, G for Garden!

There are several popular garden trains that people might be familiar with such as HO, O or Lionel, S, or even Z. All of these are smaller than G and are mainly designed for indoor use. G Gauge is the largest of the garden trains before you jump into a size that you can ride.