Visit Our Butterfly House

Our grounds feature a two-story Butterfly House. The tropical landscape transports you to the native habitats of our tropical butterflies. Stroll through and take in the sights as our butterflies dance around you. 

Newly emerged Paperkite butterflies.  

Newly emerged Paperkite butterflies.  

Emergence Chamber

Yes, it's as cool as it sounds! The Emergence chamber is located on the lower level of the Butterfly House. This glass enclosure lets you closely examine butterfly chrysalises and moth cocoons. 

You may even get to see some emerge! 

queen bee.jpg

HoneyBee tree

Peer into the world of bees! Learn about the job of each bee and all the work that goes into maintaining a colony. You'll even be able to see the queen surrounded by her court. 


Tropical Plants

See a variety of plants of varying sizes. Experience the diversity of tropical ecysystems!