Crawling Critters

At Texas Discovery Gardens we have some interesting critters. Many of them are on display. you can see them interacting with others of their species in special enclosures meant to simulate their natural environments.

Zebra Tarantula.jpeg

Tarantulas are pretty neat creatures. If they’re scared, they’ll kick up irritating hairs to try to scare away predators. Our exotic stick insects reach halfway up your arm, but these fierce vegetarians can pack quite a kick if they feel threatened.

Lingwing caterpillars.jpeg

Then, you have caterpillars, which grow 27,000 times their original size before turning into a chrysalis. They do nothing but chomp away at plants as they grow. Adult butterflies don’t have moving mouthparts. They have a straw-like proboscis that siphons nectar or rotting fruit juices for sustenance.

Stop by during your visit to the State Fair of Texas and see eye to eye with these cool arthropods during our Critter Encounters everyday at 2pm!

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