Earth Friendly Tips

At Texas Discovery Gardens we want our visitors to discover how they can sustain the natural world. And organic gardening is just the tip of the iceberg! Sustaining the natural world can also mean reducing our waste. You can even get the kids involved!  That’s the focus of Earth-Friendly Friday of our Spring Break Safari Week, which starts this Monday.

What are some earth-friendly tips you can start using now? We asked our staff for some ways they try to reduce or reuse waste, here are some of their answers:

  •  I am a Tea lover, and if you are too then this tip will help your potted plants live longer! Instead of throwing away my used tea bags, I used them as fertilizer in my potted plants.-Mariel Pardo, Guest Relations and Membership ServicesLately, I’ve been trying to live plastic straw-free. It’s hard because sometimes I forget or the waiter forgets and in the middle of my meal I realize there’s a straw in my glass. When I do remember, I feel great that I’m reducing my waste (even if it’s a small change) and it’s a great conversation starter!-Haley Estrada, Marketing Manager If you have an ant problem, instead of spraying pesticides, you can try spreading used coffee grounds around where they are getting in. The acidity repels them!-Alissa Rodriguez, Entomology AssistantIf I bring a snack or sandwich up to work, I like to wrap it in a cloth napkin instead of using a plastic bag. I not only reduce my plastic use, but I also now have a napkin for lunch instead of using a paper towel from the break room! Bonus: cloth napkins are just pretty. It makes my lunch or snack more enjoyable.-Sarah Gardner, Director of CommunicationsRecycling is easier than it seems for apartment dwellers! I recycle at home, even though my apartments haven’t always supported it. Most cities have public drop-offs for recycling – I looked it up on, and it turned out the closest facility was right behind my grocery store. It was not that cumbersome to have my recycling in my trunk, and when I went to the grocery store, I always stopped by the recycling facility! Need another incentive? Less trash to take to the dumpster!– Erin Shields, Education Director

  • If you can’t make it for Earth-Friendly Friday, don’t worry we have fun themes and activities planned throughout the week!

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