New Year, New Yard

It’s winter and, oh boy, does it feel like it!Around this time everyone is making resolutions on how to improve themselves. New year, new me. Why not take a little time this winter to plan 2018 garden improvements? New year, new yard. Here’s an idea:


If you’re tired of grass or just can’t get it to grow in that bald spot in your lawn, you can make a gorgeous groundcover out of hardier native plants. Try adding a mix of horse herb and frog fruit, both very hardy, drought tolerant ground covers.To start, remove any weeds in the area, including grass. Make sure to get all the roots that like to hide deep in the soil. You don’t want random grasses and weeds popping up in your new groundcover. Amending the soil with compost, can help your new plants thrive. Once you put your plants in, mulch around them to help hold moisture in. Mulch will also help keep weeds under control. Consider planting wildflowers or low growing shrubs, they can add diversity your new garden.Need more ideas? Check out this year’s gardening classes and workshops! 

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