Toddler Talks

Why do butterflies land on flowers? How many legs do butterflies have? Why are butterflies and other bugs important?You might be able to answer some of these questions with ease. But to our youngest visitors, butterflies are a mystery. That’s why we created Toddler Talks.
Toddler Talks helps encourage discovery. 

Toddler Talks helps encourage discovery. 

Toddler Talks, is a 10-15 minute lesson geared toward little ones ages 1-4. They’ll learn basic butterfly facts in easy to understand language. This hands on experience is not quite as information packed as our Butterfly Release, but our Entomology team has made butterflies easy to understand for the smallest explorers. Nature play using butterfly models encourages learning and discovery. Visit Texas Discovery Gardens with your little one and learn all about the butterfly basics. Toddler talks take place in our butterfly house every day at 11 am. You can visit our Ongoing Events page for a list of other ongoing programs taking place at Texas Discovery Gardens.

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