Top 5 Things to do at the Texas Discovery Gardens

Dallas is full of interesting places and events, one of which happens to be an oasis right in the city’s heart, Texas Discovery Gardens. Located in Dallas’ Fair Park, Texas Discovery Gardens is a year-round, organically maintained urban oasis filled with natural wonders. Family festivals, free admissions, and our extensive (growing) EarthKeepers® education program introduces children and adults to natural outdoor learning experiences.

Everything grown at the gardens is either native to Texas or adapted to the Texas climate. Within the seven-and-a-half-acres garden is the two-story, glass Rosie Smith Sammons Butterfly House & Insectarium, indoor, tropical home for hundreds of flying butterflies from all over the globe. The calming movements of flying butterflies are the ultimate relaxing and stress-relieving experience! 

Texas Discovery Gardens has a mission to teach people how to grow plants and flowers in their homes without pesticides or fertilizers. People can learn about the different kinds of plants and flowers and how to care for them. Visitors can play outside and learn about the natural world. Texas Discovery Gardens is a place where children and grownups alike can learn about nature while having fun.

Here are our top 5 activities while you’re visiting:

Get A Moment of Zen and Learning at Butterfly House

The Discovery Gardens includes a two-level indoor butterfly house and insectary, an outdoor native butterfly and insect garden, and an insect exhibit in the lobby.

This butterfly house is climate-controlled, replic­ating the tropical rainforest environment where the butterflies are on display: including other beneficial organisms (to help control pests) and some aquatic life.

Some of the butterflies seen in the house include blue morpho, monarch, paper kite, zebra longwing, malachite, cloudless sulfur, and owl butterflies. Guests are provided with an insectarium flyer identifying the common butterflies. At noon, guests can listen to a talk on butterflies and watch the release of butterflies into the insectarium that have recently emerged from their cocoons.

The Gardens of Texas Discovery Gardens

Texas Discovery Gardens’ mission is to teach people how to grow plants and flowers in their homes without pesticides or fertilizers. People can learn about the different kinds of plants and flowers and care for them. Visitors can play outside and learn about the natural world. 

This site is a wonderful place to visit for kids, nature lovers, and those who enjoy strollers among the flowers. The garden is the first public park in Texas to be certified as 100% organic by the Texas Organic Research Centre. The gardens here are kept using sustainable methods that conserve water and the environment. 

The entire Texas Discovery Gardens is actually made up of three gardens. One of those gardens, called the Shakespeare garden, is where all the plants inside have been mentioned in his works and sonnets. You’ll also be visiting the Master garden, where you’ll be able to find all the plants that can survive through the Texas heat, as well as the Master garden’s greenhouse, where you can see the plants that can grow in this environment.

Get to Know The Snakes of Texas 

Excitement and learning? Explore the Snakes of Texas exhibit where adults and children can learn more about the local snake population. The exhibition showcases over twenty species of venomous and non-venomous native snakes, but don’t worry; you will be completely safe when visiting.

Discover Art Gallery at Texas Discovery Gardens

Lone Star Nature Arts Competition gallery Competition-winning entries in painting, sculpture, wood carving, photography, and more are on display. Art exhibits are changed throughout the year, meaning you’ll always be able to discover a new artist or art piece.

Garden Model Trains 

With one thousand feet of train tracks swirling through villages, cities, and model sites, the Garden Model Train is a must-see for everyone. The toy train runs on Saturdays and Sundays from 11:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. – perfect for weekend outings with family and friends.

Plan Your Visit to the Texas Discovery Gardens Today!

In addition, Texas Discovery Gardens has added a Natural Playscape and Eco-Discovery Tour. Enjoy playing outside and learning about our natural world. Stops include a leaf ID area, bark rubbing station, sandpit, rope ladder, swing bridge, and rock climbing wall. 

Check out everything the Texas Discovery Gardens has to offer. The garden is open Tuesdays-Sundays 10am-5pm to the general public at 3601 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd in the historic Fair Park. Come check out one of the many special events, including festivals, free admission days, and the EarthKeepers student education program. Admission is free for children aged three and younger. Ages 4-12 are $6, ages 13-64 are $12, and ages 65 and over are $10. Military, first responders, teachers and students with ID are $10.

Don’t live nearby? A digital garden is maintained for visitors: check it out here.

Image Source: Mike Turnage / Shutterstock

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