What better way to wait out the Texas summer heat than from under a great big tree! 

Trees actively cool the air through evapotranspiration. They pull water from the soil, and it eventually evaporates off of their leaves in a process called transpiration. They also shade buildings from the brunt of the sun, keeping air conditioning bills down.When picking a tree, plan for it’s eventual size. Look above it for power lines and around it for sidewalks, houses, or other trees.A well-established tree can be a refuge from the heat for critters and humans alike. Small animals like birds, lizards, squirrels, and insects call trees home year round. 

Yaupon Holly at Texas Discovery Gardens

Yaupon Holly at Texas Discovery Gardens

The Yaupon Holly has a hidden superpower! It’s leaves contain caffeine and are quite tasty when brewed into a hot cup of tea. At Texas Discovery Gardens you can find trees of all kinds! From delicate Japanese Maples to strong Montezuma Cypress. We’re open every day from 10-5.

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