What’s Wrong With My Plants?

Do your plants look a little sad in the middle of hot summer days? Do those same plants look fine the next morning? This is a concern many new gardeners have during the summer months. Don’t worry! Texas Discovery Gardens is here to help with an easy solution!

Wilting Turks' Cap.
Wilting Turks’ Cap.

So what’s wrong with your plants? Do they need water?

Not necessarily.

First let’s examine why plants wilt. Wilting in the middle of a sunny day occurs because water is evaporating faster from leaves than the roots can pull from the soil to replenish. The larger the leaf the worse the wilting tends to be. This is because plants with larger leaves have more pores.

More water is not the solution. You can minimize daily wilting by making sure soil is rich in organic matter and well mulched. The organic matter and mulch cool the soil and allow for better water retention.

If the leaves on your plant are wilting then turning yellow or brown that is a sign that your plant is thirsty. If you find that is the case with your plants, you might consider moving them into a shadier spot and watering more frequently. 

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