Winter Care for Indoor Plants

We’ve talked about preparing your outdoor plants for cold weather. But what about winter care for indoor plants?Your indoor plants may not be exposed to the chilly outside temperatures, but there are other factors that affect them. Houseplants react to changing light in the winter and often grow dormant, depending on the species. Dormant plants don’t require as much water as they did in summer. Over watering in the winter can be harmful to your plants and cause problems like root rot. Succulent plants such as Christmas Cactus only need to be watered lightly every two to three weeks. Snake plants can be watered once a month or less. If you use a humidifier during the winter, your plants might need even less water.Once Spring rolls back around, you can go back to your normal watering schedule. Thoroughly research your houseplants to make sure you’re providing the best environment to keep them happy and healthy during the winter. 

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