How to Encourage Kids to Spend Time Outdoors 


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How to Encourage Kids to Spend Time Outdoors

Kids aren’t spending enough time outdoors, and the nature gap only grows as they get older. The lack of exposure to the natural world has grown so severe that experts have coined terms like “nature deficit disorder” and the “indoor generation” to describe the problem. But when kids have an entire world at their fingertips from the comfort of indoors, what are parents to do?

One of the best ways you can engage kids in the great outdoors is to visit Texas Discovery Gardens. The 7.5 acres includes something for everyone — a butterfly house, a native snakes house, educational workshops, and much more. 

But first, you need to peel your kids away from their electronics! Convincing kids to put down the screens and get outside isn’t always easy, but these resources can help. 

Advice for Getting Screen-Addicted Kids Outdoors

Understand the importance of limiting screen time.

Review screen-time rules that actually work for many parents.

8 ways to motivate kids to play outside.

Fun and Healthy Family Activities

How to create a kid-friendly backyard.

How to start a kid-friendly vegetable garden.

Create a healthier lifestyle plan by connecting with wellness services.

Grilling the safest, most delicious food (without the health risks).

10 essential food safety tips for outdoor cooking.

Cool Outdoor Activities for Kids

Try these backyard science projects with your kids.

Outdoor engineering: how to build stick forts.

Exploring nature in your neighborhood: Activities for kids and families.

Fun Ways to Enjoy the Great Outdoors as a Family

15 tips for hiking with kids.

Key insights for mountain biking with your child.

7 adventurous family getaways you can afford.

Getting kids outside doesn’t have to be a struggle. The key is giving your kids a reason to go outdoors! Instead of battling with kids to put down the screens, find fun reasons to spend more time outdoors. From citizen science activities in your own backyard to exploring the wilderness as a family, there’s a world of fun waiting right outside your door.

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May 10, 2021

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