Tips for Families Fighting Against Nature-Deficit Disorder: Link round up!

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When you come to the conclusion your family isn’t getting enough of the great outdoors, it’s time for action! Nature offers tremendous health benefits, and it seems not getting enough can be bad for people of all ages — especially kids. Thankfully, there is an incredible number of ways to ensure you and your loved ones spend a little more family time with Mother Nature, and we found some terrific tips and resources to help! 

Visit a butterfly house, stroll through natural gardens, and slither into a snake shack at Texas Discovery Gardens! For general and membership questions, call (214) 428-7476. 


Pick Up a Family Hobby 

 By getting your family outdoors, you can teach them new skills and help them stay active as well.   

How to Teach a Child to Rollerblade 

4 Tips When Mountain Biking with Your Child 

Tips for Camping with Kids 

Canoe Tripping with Kids 

Geocaching: How to “Cache In” on Family Fun 


Go Exploring 

No matter where you live, there are fun adventures for the whole family. 

 Enjoy a Trip at Texas Discovery Gardens 

The Complete Guide to Visiting National Parks 

Plan a Trip to a State Park 

The 5 Best Hiking Apps 


Visit Your Own Backyard 

With some fun and educational activities, you can still enjoy the outdoors at home.  

How to Teach a Kid to Safely Climb a Tree 

20 Magical Secret Garden Designs to Create Your Perfect Getaway 

DIY Pathways and Patios 

The Home-Based Safari Guide: How to Safely Observe Wildlife from Your Home 


Is it time for your family to get outside and play? These tips and resources can help! Whether you’re ready to get away or explore or enjoy your own backyard, Mother Nature is waiting!

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