Our Summer Reading Recommendations!


June 19, 2020

Hello Friends!

With no Summer Camps in June or July here at The Gardens, our Education staff misses our daily story time in camp. Here’s some of our favorite Butterfly titles for little ones. What are your favorite lepidopteran legends? Share them on our Facebook page! – We’re always looking for new books!!

  1. Isabel’s House Of Butterflies
  2. Adios, Oscar
  3. Bye, Bye Butterflies
  4. Senorita Mariposa

Isabel’s House of Butterflies is a heartwarming story of a young girl growing up in Mexico in the forests where monarchs overwinter. It seamlessly blends English and Spanish, so your little ones may pick up some Spanish. The illustrations are practically alive, and the author uses such illustrative language, you feel like you are right there, making tortillas with Isabel and Mami. My favorite part is the end. No spoilers here, but your family won’t be able to stop themselves from continuing the discussion! Recommended for 5 & up

There are a LOT of kids books out there. Very few will make grown-ups chuckle, but Adios, Oscar is sure to at least put a smile on your face! Some, like Miss Erin, our Director of Education will even laugh out loud. Your kids will learn some Spanish right alongside Oscar, our caterpillar protagonist. This tale of a mixed-up caterpillar blends humor with inspiration and even has a plot twist halfway through that proves “big things can happen when you think like a butterfly.” Recommended for 6 & up

Bye, Bye Butterflies is common chant heard around our Summer Camps, and after reading Andrew Larsen’s book, it will be heard around your house, too! Even though it was published in 2013, the story starts like many self-isolated days begin – with a family walk. It follows a new kindergartner through his first year of school that’s entirely at school, so it’s definitely written before parents became science teachers! If your family raised caterpillars this spring (or was thinking about it) for science, this book is a can’t miss. Recommended for 3-6

Our newest addition to our library is Senorita Mariposa, by Mr. G! We were so excited to use it this year in our Summer Camps. The big cartoon pictures pulled us in, and the words written nice and big in both English & Spanish are perfect for young pre-readers. We hear there’s even a song that goes along with this book – get your singing voices ready!

– Erin Shields, Director of Education

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