Entomophagy: the Art of Bug Eating

By Texas Discovery Gardens | Feb 10, 2018

To some folks, eating bugs is something they would never consider doing voluntarily, there’s an ick factor they can’t get over. At Texas Discovery Gardens, our staff are no strangers…

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Keep it Rosy

By Texas Discovery Gardens | Feb 3, 2018

Roses are February’s favorite flower; you’ll be seeing them all over for the next few weeks. February is also prime pruning time for roses, but how do you do it? First,…

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Blue Morpho

By Texas Discovery Gardens | Jan 28, 2018

The Common Blue Morpho is a stunning butterfly that ranges from Mexico to northern South America. Photo by Dawn Gordon You might think that with a name like Blue Morpho,…

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Million Dollar Milestone

By Texas Discovery Gardens | Jan 20, 2018

WE DID IT!You may (or may not) have heard that on Saturday, January 13 our Gift Shop reached $1,000,000 in sales! This would not have been possible without all of you…

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Winter Care for Indoor Plants

By Texas Discovery Gardens | Jan 13, 2018

We’ve talked about preparing your outdoor plants for cold weather. But what about winter care for indoor plants?Your indoor plants may not be exposed to the chilly outside temperatures, but…

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What Every Gardener Needs to Know About …

By Texas Discovery Gardens | Jan 6, 2018

.. Propagating Seeds!You don’t have to spend a ton of money every year buying multiples of plants. If you’re trying to fill your garden, you may want to learn how to…

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New Year, New Yard

By Texas Discovery Gardens | Dec 30, 2017

It’s winter and, oh boy, does it feel like it!Around this time everyone is making resolutions on how to improve themselves. New year, new me. Why not take a little time…

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North Texas Master Naturalists Recognize Roger Sanderson & John Wilt

By Texas Discovery Gardens | Dec 16, 2017

Roger SandersonPhoto by Stalin SM John WiltPhoto by Carroll Mayhew We’re so happy to tell you about the achievements of two of our spectacular team members!On Wednesday December 6, 2017…

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Cold Temperature Care

By Texas Discovery Gardens | Nov 25, 2017

In Dallas, we usually see the first frost toward the end of November. Frost can take a toll on your plants. So what can you do to keep your garden…

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Toddler Talks

By Texas Discovery Gardens | Nov 18, 2017

Why do butterflies land on flowers? How many legs do butterflies have? Why are butterflies and other bugs important?You might be able to answer some of these questions with ease.…

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Greens, Reds and Yellows! Oh My!

By Texas Discovery Gardens | Nov 11, 2017

Fall is here and that means leaves are changing colors! All that fall color comes from the same pigments found in those healthy fruits and vegetables: carotenoids and anthocyanins. These…

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Crawling Critters

By Texas Discovery Gardens | Oct 14, 2017

At Texas Discovery Gardens we have some interesting critters. Many of them are on display. you can see them interacting with others of their species in special enclosures meant to…

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